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What areas do you cover?

We are currently able to offer our services in Sudbury, Stowmarket, and the many villages and hamlets that surround them. We are expanding all the time, so drop us a line and find out if we can add you to our schedule.

What method of window cleaning do you use?

We clean all of our customers' windows with the purified water fed pole method. This allows us to clean virtually all windows, including those tricky to reach ones! It also offers a higher standard of cleaning, including all of the frames, sills, and even dirt you didn't know was there! An added benefit to this method of window cleaning is that it enables us to even clean your windows when it is raining!

How often will you clean my windows?

Our cleaning service is a maintenance cleaning service, which means we aim to keep your windows looking permanently clean. To achieve this, it is best for us to clean your windows before they get dirty, which would normally equate to every 4-6 weeks.

Why are my windows still wet?

Water fed pole window cleaning differs greatly to "traditional" window cleaning. One of the big differences is that the windows are left wet after cleaning. Because the water we use is laboratory-grade pure, when the water dries, it leaves no smears, spots, or marks, unlike normal tap water.

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